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Friday, 28 November 2025

Call of Cthulhu The Cast of Characters (Sticky)

Hal Green
Hal Green, millionaire playboy of inherited wealth, Hal resides in a mansion on the outskirts of Arkham Ma. He lives alone aside from his butler, Jeeves, mechanic, Mick "Spanners" Duffy and a number of other staff.   Hal is often seen as the leader of group and is glad to fund the investigations they seem to have fallen into. Hal has many contacts around US and London, where he spends a fair amount of time and is well known about town.

Henry Caldwell
Henry Caldwell is an Antique Book Collector. A Texan by birth, Henry owns his own book shop and apartment. He also spends time in Europe where it is rumoured he has started a family.

Monsignor William Callahan

Monsignor William Callahan, a strong Irish Nationalist Catholic Priest and newest addition to the group. His knowledge of the occult, connections in the Church and powerful right hook, he has become an invaluable member.

Dimmy the Greek

Dimitris Constantinidis aka Dimmy the Greek is employed by Henry Caldwell as book scout and Greek translator/tutor.He is the newest addition to the group.

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Shadows of Yog Sothoth Turn 11

Henry searches the group looking for anyone not chanting or otherwise standing out in any subtle ways. Everyone seems to be getting involved, with the exception of the man seated on stage. Even the guards are joining the chant.
Henry remembers the diagram in his hand and begins to look at the shapes as the chanting continues.
It is clear to Henry that the chanting and collective concentration on these symbols is part of some ritual spell and with the amount of people involved, wittingly or not, a very powerful one.
Henry looks at the man seated on stage, appears the same, pale and exhausted.

Dimmy whispers "I don't know what is going on. Should I make a distraction?"

"I think we draw as little attention to ourselves as possible. Let's wait this out and maybe do some mingling." whispers Henry.

"Okay," replies Dimmy, "You guys know what you're doing. Happy to follow your lead."

"Try not to focus on the symbols," adds Hal quietly, "Keep you eyes peeled."

One man from the row in front of you turns and hisses a loud "Hush" with one finger over his lips.

After several minutes of chanting, a small light begins to form on stage, it grows into a ball, getting larger and larger, forming a roughly rectangular door, some 7 feet high. One of the guards steps up onto the stage and steps through the light, disappearing before your eyes.

Moments later he steps back through the light and onto the stage in his arms some kind of bag with straps at the back. The chanting stops and the doorway vanishes, the crowds cheer. 

He reaches into the bag and pulls out what looks like a large square piece of card, blue in colour with the letters ABC in red, yellow and pink and the words Jackson 5 above it. Coloured images of five young negro boys stand among the letters. Reaching into the cardboard which appears to be a sleeve of somekind he pulls out a black disk that shines in the light. The crowds gasp.

Putting the objects back in the bag, the guard exits the rear of the stage, through a wooden door.

"Yet again, we Looked to the Future!" calls the man behind the altar, and raising his hands, he turns and leaves through the same door.

The crowds begin to disperse, some of the men stand chatting, lighting cigars and sharing hip flasks.


Monday, 7 March 2016

Shadows of Yog-Sothoth Turn 10

Henry handles the artifact gently, slowly turning and examining it from various angles.

"Now, this is a curious piece of work! I'm about as skeptical as anyone, but I've never seen the likes of this anywhere...not even the Orient, and they have some mighty strange creations."
He hands it carefully to the Monsignor. "What do you make of that?"

The Monsignor turns it over and studies it carefully, "Morphy Rochards" he remarks indicating text on the back side the handle, "Manufacturer? I know plenty of Morphys but none that make pans like this."

"Hmm, if this is indeed from the future, then only witchcraft or sorcery could have brought it here. It is unlike anything I have seen before. It would seem that our suspicions of Mr Black are well founded. David, can you set up a meet between us and Mr Black? Can you get us a copy of this sheet of diagrams so that we might look at it as well? I wonder if any of my industrialist friends might be interested in this artifact...Tell me, have you seen any other artifacts that he has brought from the future?" Hal.

"W-w-well," says David nervously, "We've been told not to share anything about these artifacts. I fear that attempting to arrange a meeting with Mr Black will bring suspision, however, if you are prepared to come to a meeting and join as new members, you can see for yourself and perhaps introduce yourself directly, I'm sure a man of your means, Hal, will be welcomed with open arms. I've also noticed another man who appears to be part of the organisation but does not speak. He sits behind the podium and occasionally speaks with the guards but otherwise keeps himself to himself. As for other artefacts, no. Each member is offered items to buy privately I suspect, as I was. None of the other members have been forthcoming about their purchases."

Hal agrees that attending a meeting is the way ahead and as it happens, one is happening that evening.

The group arrive at the building at 8pm. The structure resembles a grey pillbox, made entirely from poured concrete, with just one entrance, a tall archway with no door barring the entrance. Inside, the room resembles a grey windowless lecture hall or church,  wooden benches are lined in rows with a stage and podium at the far end of the hall. A number of members, all pasty looking businessmen, smoking cigars already loiter about the room.

David shows everyone to a table with signup sheets and a lockbox for cheques to be placed, Hal covers everyone's membership fees and each fill the minimum of details using false address. a handful of men in Arabic garb stand menacingly about the room, clearly armed. David hands each of the group the diagrams he mentioned, covered in geomteric shapes and designs. The sheet instructs the user to focus on the designs as the chanting begins.

At 8.30pm the meeting begins. A tall man in dark suit and deep red fez approaches the altar and stretches his arms. As he does, everyone stands up, to a man. The group feel compelled to follow suit and the chanting begins, "Ong D'acta Linka, Nebloid Zin, Nebloid Zin, Ong D'acta Linka, Yog-Sothoth, Yog-Sothoth..."

Henry indicates to Hal, a man seated at the back of the stage, he looks incredibly weak and drained. Henry whispers, "That man has just cast a spell of some kind. His energy has completely drained from him. And these words, Yog-Sothoth. We know that name."

"Indeed," whispers the Monsignor, "This is far from wholesome."

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Shadows of Yog-Sothoth Turn 9

Henry finishes reading the letter and looks around the room at his companions. Each of them remain silent as they consider what they have just heard. After a moment he speaks again.
"Well, friends, I don't know about you, but my curiosity is certainly peaked. I believe there's something here worth looking into. Mr. Lee's letter here raises quite a few red flags, if you ask me...and I suppose by inviting me, and the rest of us, here today, ARE asking." He lifts the letter again and scans it.
"What do you suppose this artifact that he refers to is? And just how has it proven to be uh, let me see...'worth it', as he states?"

"This smacks of evil, my friends," chimes in Hal, "We should indeed pay David a visit and examine said artifact. The link to the Silver Twilight Lodge has set my nerves a-tingling. I know a fine hotel in New York, and will reserve us all accommodation there." He swirls his cognac in his glass as he meets everyone's eyes in turn.
"Are you all with me?"
"Sadly I have other work to attend to," says Sam, "Regretfully I'll need to bow out for now."
"And I need to get back on the magic circuit," smiles James, "But I wish you luck Uncle!"

That leaves Henry, the Monsignor, Phillip and Hal.

"I have someone that might be willing to join us on an expedition," adds Henry, "I have employed a new apprentice. Greek chap called Dimitris. He's working on translating for me, but I'm sure he'd be game for a little jaunt."

Hal continues "Now, let us turn our talk to more pleasant things whilst dinner is prepared. How have you all spent the intervening time? Personally, I have been trying to ensure I am better prepared physically for our future endeavours. Spanners has been sparring with me regularly, and the number of black eyes he's been giving me have been gradually decreasing! I've also been practicing my shooting skills with a good friend in the police force. Of course, there have also been a number of society events that I've had to attend - all work and no play makes Hal a dull boy!" (Skill increases +2 Fist/Punch, + 45 revolver)

A week later the four friends meet Henry's new protege, Dimitris Constantinidis, who insists you call him Dimmy. He's been hired by Henry to work in the book business, and is primarily translating the book you discovered a few months ago and teaching Henry to read Greek. (Henry's Greek Language level now 3%)

The group meets up with David Lee at his brownstone in New York and he recounts the tale he wrote about in the letter. You learn nothing new, until he brings out an item, the artifact he spoke of that he purchased for $100.
It appears to be a simple frying skillet but the inside is coated with a shiny black smooth coating rather than the usual iron. "It's incredible!" Lee beams, "Nothing sticks to it! It's from....The Future!"

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Shadows of Yog-Sothoth. Turn 8

After the discoveries in the Lodge of the Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight, the group deem it best to report their findings to the local authorities, once Henry has secured the book,the box, the notes with the "Make Box" spell and the letter to "Mr Carl Stanford" from Duncan McBain. These Henry stores for further investigation and the local police raid and shut down the lodge. None of you have heard the name Carl Stanford but the letter suggests he is a higher-up in the Order, if not higher than John Scott.

The Boston police round up the known members for interviews. John Scott, before being apprehended plunged a sword cane through his own neck and up through his brain. He was dead before anyone could get to him. The whole event makes the local news and but Hal pulls some strings and makes sure names are not mentioned, realising this might not be the last he hears from the Order. Phil gets and exclusive with his photos and makes a mint, enough to relax for a few months. However, by the beginning of April, Hal summons everyone to his home, all expenses paid.

April 5th, 1928
Arkham, Ma.

Everyone is settled in Hal's lounge, a roaring fire on  the go and fine cognac in everyone's glass. Jeeves and the staff are preparing dinner.

"It seems we were right about this going deeper than we thought," says Hal, pulling a letter from his desk drawer and handing it to Henry, "I got this from my personal banker in New York."

Henry reads out the letter...

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Shadows of Yog-Sothoth. Turn 7

"This madness seems to have no limits!" Henry mutters as he enters through the door. His eyes light up as he catches sight of the large bookcase. He practically knocks the Monsignor over as he rushes to get a closer look, "Pardon me, Padre."

"I shudder to think where this is going to take us, my friends," say Hal, casting his eyes about the room, "This Miss Chantraine must be involved in goodness knows what to be over 200 years old, if this letter is to be believed. Let's have a look at these books and see what we can find. Monsignor, perhaps your expertese might shed some light?"

"Careful guys," whispers Sam, "I think we should excercise caution before touching anything on the bookcase...or on the desk for that matter," but before he can reach the bookcase to check for traps, Henry is already feverishly pulling books, examining covers and bindings.

"I will do what I can," adds the Monsignor, and heads to the bookcase, "I wonder what else is down here and how old it really is!"

As three men examine the book case, Hal looks around the rest of the room. There is a plain wooden box in one corner, 18 inches high. One side is hinged and forms a lid. On top is a notebook containing handscrawled notes. The first page is headed "Make Box Spell"

Philip also looks around and sees on the far right wall, an stone altar, stained with brownish material, with a curtain on the wall behind it.

There is a click as Sam finds a hidden compartment at the base of bookshelf, he pulls out a huge tome.

Phillip pulls aside the curtain revealing a truly terrifying bas-relief. His gasp turns everyone's attention to it.

The Great Cthulhu

Sam drops the book with a thud. Henry looks back and gasps as he sees the title among some Greek script. Necromonicon.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Shadows of Yog-Sothoth Turn 6

Shadows of Yog-Sothoth Turn 6

The group convene with Hal in the shadows of the ground floor, still a couple of hours before dawn breaks.

"This seems even more sinister than I had imagined." whispers Henry, "I'm itching to get into that last room up there, but if you fellas feel inclined to locate the basement, I'm with you."

"Should we get some photos of what we found upstairs before looking for the basement, though?" mutters Sam,  "While we know the areas we've checked are fairly secure..."

"I agree," nods Hal, "Let's get some photographic evidence first, and then continue the search. I don't want us to split up - this place just feels wrong, and I'd hate to think of what the atrocities are that have been committed by these crackpots."

James heads out into the street and slips over the road to replace Philip as lookout. The photographer enters the building, his equipment ready and the group show him upstairs to the disturbing scenes above where he promptly starts to photograph them.

The picture in the KOTOV room of the void, he finds particularly disturbing, his hands shake as he tries to capture the picture.
Once this is done, the five men start to hunt for an entrance to a basement. Opposite the kitchen at the back of the building, they find a door with a set of stone steps leading down into the darkness. A light switch sits on the left hand side and Hal flips it, there's a crackling and light fills the room below. Sam, Hal and Henry draw their firearms and slowly descend with Philip and the Monsignor right behind.
The stairs lead down to an open basement, the floor is bare earth. the walls are heavy stone set in mortar and four pillars stand in a square around the room. In the far wall is a doorway.

You search around the room before carefully opening the door and stepping into a smaller chamber and on the north wall a padlocked door. The lock is fairly simple for Sam and he has it open in minutes. Beyond is another room, this one has five foot square stones set without mortar on the floor.
Hal notices something and goes to the east wall where he presses a stone set into the wall. It presses in and as it does, two of the massive floor blocks raise up revealing another staircase down. There is no light, so

Sam takes a gas lamp from the wall lights it.
The steps lead down to a cavern, which although not natural does appear to be ancient, far older than the lodge building above. In appears some work has been done to it recently, mainly new walls put up to create seperate rooms. A door to the left  appears to be some kind of guard room, empty but for a table and two chairs and a large ring of keys hanging on the wall. Hal takes them.
Off to the right of the main corridor is a study. A desk, comfortable chair and an oil lamp. The desk has a drawer which the Monsignor searches, finding matches and taped to the back of the drawer, a single key. On top of the desk is a letter addressed to Carl Stanford from a Duncan McBain.

Duncan McBain
MacBain House
Cannich, Scotland
12 January, 1928.
Dear Mr Stanford,

Greetings and felicitations. Miss Chantraine has advised me of your recent successes and informed me of the item you require. I fear that it will be some time before I find It as there are two Americans digging at what I believe to be the site of the Temple. Two of my people are working for the Americans and it may be that they will accomplish all for me. I realize that you are most anxious to obtain It, but I feel caution and discretion to be the better course of action.
My studies with the serpent people progress most satisfactorily. Another year should see my studies completed. The recommend that I journey to the Nameless City for further instruction, but I will remain here until we have It. When it is possible, I want much to obtain the further instruction offered at the Nameless City. I will, however, be ready to carry out any further tasks our order might have for me.
You mentioned in your last letter that Miss Chantraine might join me here when she has converted the leaders of the Thukle Bruderschaft. I fear that he Germans are overmuch upset with the French at this time for them to listen to her. Might I suggest that you ask Helmut Grossmann to take over for her? I realize that she has not been to Germany for over two hundred years, but unless you can think of someone else I feel he would be best for the task.
I agree with you that the Order of the Templars of the Orient does not contain the type of individuals we seek. They are not ready for greater truths. You might suggest to our German colleagues that individual members of the order be carefully approached as potential followers of the true Gods.
I am not familiar with the Hermetic order of the Golden Dawn or the Astrum Argentinum and can give no recommendation. I will pass the word on to our London group and have them send you word. I spoke with Mr William Seabrook who said that a Mr Aleister Crowley; who is associated with both groups or had been at one time, may have occult powers. We should perhaps attempt to contact this man.
I understand that Mr Scott is in charge of the project in your area. Please extend my greetings to him. I have not seen him since the Great War. Perhaps we can meet next year.
Most sincerely,

Duncan MacBain

Using the key, the Monsignor opens a door on the other side of the study, leading into a room with another desk and chair and a large bookcase, filled with books.